Woobly Blocks the popular level and action game!

Woobly Blocks the FREE 2 in a game! Enter the imaginative world of the Wooblys! Immerse yourself in the adventure of the Wooblys, discover the new world “Woobly”. Meet the Wooblys and start your fantastic journey through over 70 levels of great worlds.
It’s all about one goal: CATCH THE WOOBLYS!


Seven Wooblys run free through the world of the Wooblys and are funny, playful and wild. However, this leads to a problem, their hectic storms destroy their own world. Now it is in your hands to save the world. Catch the Wooblys as fast as possible so they can not cause trouble! Play in level mode or in game mode, according to your mood! Collect rare Wooblys, discover hidden prizes, buy great items in the shop, unlock thrilling new levels and compete against your friends. In this almost addictive game, 71 exciting levels await you and much more!
Thinking break pleasing? Just sit back and play the game mode, stack the wooblys as high as you can to get a personal high score. Compete against your friends, who can build the highest!
Dexterity and construction concept is required here!

The WORLDSCORE is currently at  104 – stacked Wooblys! Can you beat the WORLDSCORE and become the new WORLDPLAYER?

What are you waiting for? Catch the Wooblys now! Download WOOBLY BLOCKS FREE now!

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